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Managing the risks of multifamily architecture for a successful residential development.

Every multifamily architecture project has its risks. Is your site challenging, and how can you make the most of it? Are the varied regulations that effect development in your favor, and how do you maximize their potential? Will the project meet your expectations for performance, schedule, and rental or sales goals?

As seasoned multifamily architects, we can take your multifamily residential project from start to finish in ways that maximize your site, program, and budget while also skillfully navigating through ever-changing zoning, community, and building code requirements.

Get a feel for our unique approach on these recently completed multifamily developments: the award-winning Triangle, the high-rise Danforth, and the efficiently designed Modera Redmond


Do you have a project for us to look at? Reach out to Scott Glazebrook our lead Principal in Multifamily at

Do you have a site you are considering for a multifamily project? We also offer various levels of feasibility studies. Read our blog post “Not all feasibility studies are created equal.”




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