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Seattle, WA

276,028 SF



  • 170 underground parking spaces 

  • Through-block market passage 

  • 2-story lobby, courtyard, and Sky Lounge with city views 

  • LEED Gold standards 

  • Game room, fitness center, bicycle storage

This large mixed-use project is the redevelopment of the former Acme Farms site in the heart of Little Saigon, an important cultural destination within a deeply rooted community. The design of the 321-unit, seven-story structure therefore emerged in direct response to extensive input from that community, with new apartment housing and a dynamic retail layout blending the authentic identity of Little Saigon with a fresh, modern look. Approximately 10,000 square feet of new small- to medium-sized retail spaces will house vibrant retail and restaurants, many of which will cluster along a through-block pedestrian passageway connecting active Jackson Street on one side with the quieter and extensively landscaped King Street, a “Green Street” (pedestrian-priority street), on the other. In addition to this unique Market Passage, Beam offers a two-story lobby, residential courtyard, top-floor city view lounge, and underground parking.



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