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Second Residential Building at Port of Everett’s 65-Acre Waterfront Place Redevelopment is Now Open

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The Carling, the second residential building at the Port of Everett’s 65-Acre Waterfront Place Redevelopment is now welcoming residents. The first building, The Sawyer, opened in the summer of 2021.

While this type of dense residential development hasn’t been common north of the Seattle metropolis in recent years, SeaLevel Properties and Gracorp Capital are excited to bring it to Everett, where it will help spur activity along the waterfront and at existing businesses there, as well as make room for new businesses.

The two mid-rise buildings that comprise Waterfront Place Apartment, The Sawyer and The Carling, offer a total of 266 units and about 255,000 square feet of living, parking, amenity and communal space, as well as retail space.

Located at 1300 and 1400 W. Marine View Drive, the project is the centerpiece of the first phase of the Port of Everett’s Marina District redevelopment. It also marks another addition to the rapidly evolving waterfront, where an office complex was recently opened and a hotel is now being built.

The apartments were designed by Tiscareno Associates to maximize scenic views, encourage pedestrian activity, mesh well with future surrounding retail developments and reflect Everett’s character.

With the city’s history in mind, the buildings were designed to reflect the logging era and the maritime anchor that helped build and sustain the growing city.

On the roofs of the buildings, is space for shared residential and private decks — some of which have views of Possession Sound. Street-level patios lead residents directly to sidewalks, where anyone can enjoy new benches and greenery included with the project.

The exterior of the buildings is constructed of materials including polished metal, stained wood, and masonry. Smooth fiber cement panels and lap siding add to the mix. Insets on the face of both buildings modulate the massing to reduce shading on walkways and future buildings, while also sheltering private balconies.

The care taken to incorporate the Port of Everett’ history, themes and community goals into the design of Waterfront Place Apartments will ensure the buildings will integrate smoothly as Marina District development continues.

Developing the Marina District is one of the goals set in the Port of Everett’s masterplan for the waterfront. That plan, developed over five years ago, was written to help encourage the use of untapped potential along the waterfront.

The project team supporting SeaLevel Properties and Gracorp Capital includes Tiscareno Associates, Architect; CPH Consultants, Civil Engineer; DCI Engineers, Structural Engineer; Brumbaugh & Associates, Landscape Architect; GeoEngineers, Geotechnical Engineer; and Robin Chell Design, Interior Design. Graham Construction, is the general contractor for the project.

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