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City of Seattle


Tiscareno Associates utilized their technical expertise to inform, manage, and expedite the site analysis and prepare visualizations based on the maximum representative massing. We refined the model based on zoning, environmental constraints, placemaking principles, and current intended uses. During the process of establishing ideal massing options, we performed on-site assessments and established key view corridors. We analyzed surrounding uses to find representative locations and a variety of building scales, including the adjacent environment and developments, as well as the Seaport Flight Path. Once a thorough analysis and documentation of the site was completed, we created 3D visualizations with our Revit modeling software.

Our time-tested and refined process during the conceptual development period identified one design option with 3 programming scenarios. Through thorough site analysis, Tiscareno Associates not only identified development schemes with varying combinations of uses but also provided consultation on potential inconsistencies with the zoning code due to the re-subdivision of the properties. These inconsistencies were addressed for future code amendments prior to the properties being publicly released.



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