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145,000 SF


Mill Creek Residential Trust


This multifamily, mixed-use building at the entrance to Ballard’s commercial core could have easily overshadowed its neighbors, but instead its meticulously planned design allows sunshine to percolate through.

Intensive shadow studies led to carefully placed building modulation that allows sunlight in and reduces the visual mass of the residential floors. The east face of the building, recessed above level two to accommodate a permanent power line, achieves even more visual lightness by providing greater airspace at the sidewalk on this facade. A reduced lot depth posed a difficult entrance ramp angle into the underground parking garage and led to a unique solution to maximize the number of available spaces: double-loaded parking, head-in parking, and parallel parking all in the same garage. Perfectly suited as a gateway building, its contemporary style incorporates many design elements and materials already rooted in this historic neighborhood and makes the most out of a highly visible corner.

Tiscareno Associates’ experience was revealed by their ability to deliver a project that met the client’s program yet was easily constructible to meet the project’s tight timeline.

  • Two floors of below-grade parking

  • 14 live-work units

  • Residential amenities such as club room, fitness center, outdoor courtyard, and roof deck



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