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313,500 SF


HB Companies


Located in the West Seattle Triangle neighborhood, Sweeney Blocks East is a mixed-use, seven-story development encompassing 284 residential units and 10,000 square feet of commercial space with off-street parking for 162 vehicles.

Designed by Ankrom Moisen, the project will energize the area by providing multifamily housing and a lively retail and community space. As the Architect of Record, we’re responsible for guiding it through the construction phase while staying true to the design.

Both the site and concept for Sweeney Blocks present interesting challenges. One example is a 20-foot change in grade that puts retail together with residential on the first three levels. There are also extending buttresses that require structural and waterproofing solutions. And the extra-wide through-block passage allowed us to create boardwalk structures for level seating on a sloping sidewalk.

To deliver on these striking structural and civil engineering features, we’re marshalling the talents of our entire team to generate detailed drawing sets that will ensure a successful building and help realize the client’s vision.

  • 163 parking stalls

  • 11,500 SF street-level retail space

  • Co-working pscae, spa, fitness room, influencer studio



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