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Sound Transit on-Call Services

23,500 SF


Sound Transit


  • Wash Bay Doors Addition at the Operations and Maintenance Facility

  • Bus Canopy Study at Totem Lake Park and Ride

  • HVAC Modifications for TPSS and Instrument Houses – Light Rail Central Link

  • Bike Parking Addition at Columbia Light Rail Station

  • Macton Lift Addition at the Operations and Maintenance Facility

  • Fall Protection Additions at Capitol Hill Station

  • Land Use Study for Sound Transit Property Above an Underground Station and Tracks

Tiscareno Associates has worked with Sound Transit since the beginning of their decades-long transportation expansion program in Puget Sound and intimately understands how they function and the design excellence they demand. Prime consultants for Sound Transit therefore often turn to the firm for on-call services to help them meet specific project or design challenges for new or renovated light rail stations, bus stations, and maintenance facilities.

Typical projects are to improve ticketing and wayfinding, modify support buildings, add new amenities such as bicycle parking, explore how to protect riders from inclement weather, and perform transit oriented design studies.

Contracting with prime consultants such as KPFF, DEA, and Hatch, for instance, the firm has designed a bike plaza added after a light rail station’s construction, performed a bus canopy study, and designed wash-bay doors to close off both ends of an LRV maintenance facility (and add new emergency egress). The firm’s participation often requires close coordination with various Sound Transit groups, such as their Operations and Design Engineering and Construction Management Departments.

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