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Having spent more than 25 years as a designer, architect, and manager in many different project types, Mark Stine is a natural for helping clients meet demanding project requirements. In his more than 5 years at Tiscareno Associates, he has focused on leading major mixed-use and multifamily projects. His strong design sense, attention to detail, and deep technical knowledge of construction enable him to consistently deliver projects that can be built within budget using normal construction practices. He is an excellent team player and is often found guiding projects at both the macro and micro level with equal ease. In every project Mark takes on, his ultimate goals are the same: to solve problems in ways that serve the client, and to design spaces that people enjoy using.

Mark’s recent projects include designing and managing Solera in Renton and seeing the Redmond Square master plan through its entitlement phase. As project architect for Solera, Mark led an 8-person team to design 1 million square feet in two buildings to accommodate almost 600 families in mixed-income housing while also integrating with the city’s broader master plan and neighborhood redevelopment. For Redmond Square, he was responsible for moving through the city’s complex entitlement process, working to meet the needs of many departments within this very challenging jurisdiction. Mark also served as project architect for Modera Redmond, leading the efforts to navigate the many site and zoning requirements this 300-unit residential project presented, while simultaneously meeting the client’s demand for maximizing the net rentable area without sacrificing daylight and livability in the units.

Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from University of Washington, is a registered architect in WA, and is an AIA member. He is also the firm’s representative in the Housing Development Consortium (an affordable housing group).


Mark Stine

Mark Stine



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