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El Frieda

Seattle, WA


Emerald Bay Equity

  • Approximately 112 multi-family units

  • Preservation of the facade and historical character

  • Part of a larger mixed-use project


As part of a larger project Tiscareno Associates was tasked with renovating Elfrieda, a streetcar-era building and Queen Anne landmark. One of the biggest community concerns was making sure the new structure integrated seamlessly with the neighborhood’s existing character, scale, and charm. A key strategy to accomplish this was reconstructing the look of the facade. We painstakingly dismantled the old building brick by brick, then reconditioned and reset the bricks to look like the original Elfrieda, but with a completely new structure behind it. Besides creating an attractive corner and a historical context, this brick recycling helped contribute to the project’s LEED Silver certification while preserving the iconic look of the neighborhood.



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