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Urban design projects are complex and lengthy, and it’s important to clients, tenants, and communities to get them right. We know how to balance the complex and often-competing demands of placemaking, density and intensity management, and long-term planning that promote good stewardship of resources in urban settings.

Our portfolio includes more than 100 masterplans and site plans—each designed to be unique and carefully suited to its environment and client goals. Fitting a mixed-use development onto an irregular site? See our recent pedestrian-friendly Redmond Square. Blending urbanism and suburban attributes? Check out Solera, our mixed-use planned community in Renton featuring 590 mixed-income apartments, 96 townhomes, and over 30,000 sq. ft. of commercial space in two buildings.

Got city-building on your mind? Riverpark unifies six acres of residential, commercial, retail, hotel, and open space on the Sammamish River into a cohesive gateway to downtown Redmond, giving it a European flavor and enough parking for the hundreds of people who will use it each day. Considering creating a new town center or envisioning a new subdivision? We can do that, too.    

A good plan creates opportunities while balancing project needs and constraints.

Urban Design

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