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Redmond, WA

6 Acres


Legacy Partners

  • 319 apartments

  • 144-unit hotel, 108,000 SF office building

  • 15,000 SF ground-level retail and leasing office space

  • 738-stall, three-level parking garage for residents, shoppers, and visitors

  • Pedestrian-scale street scenes, community access to adjacent Luke McRedmond Park

  • 3 Star Built Green and LEED Silver Certification


Winner at 2010 NAIOP Night of the Stars: Mixed-use Project of the Year

Finalist at 2010 NAIOP Night of the Stars: Multifamily Development of the Year

Award of Merit at PCBC 2010 Gold Nugget: Best Community Site Plan of the Year

The task: organize six acres of residential, commercial, retail, and open space on the Sammamish River into a cohesive, happenin’ gateway to downtown Redmond, give it a European flavor, and supply enough parking for the hundreds of people who will use it each day. The firm’s award-winning master plan handily achieves all three goals, arranging the buildings on a human scale, designing them to relate to each other, and encouraging pedestrian movement among them.

The trickiest bit was providing the right amount of parking without breaking the construction budget. Rather than extend under all the buildings, the parking podium is consolidated beneath just the apartments. A cleverly designed passive garage-ventilation system reduces the amount of costly venting equipment needed. The building’s exterior design de-emphasizes the parking elements and improves the visual compatibility with adjacent retail.
Every detail of this important and huge project was closely reviewed by the city, which wanted something special for this prominent location. The firm’s ability to coordinate large, multi-discipline teams kept both the planning and construction on schedule and on budget.



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