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Woodinville, WA

23.4 Acres


MJR Development

  • Condominiums, apartments, townhomes

  • Winery tasting rooms

  • Retail and restaurants

  • Boutique hotel

  • Office

  • Market


This master plan design for Woodinville Village turns 24 acres of previously undeveloped land in the Hollywood neighborhood into a lively and attractive high-end retail experience and residential community, accommodating large numbers of visitors without compromising residential privacy and intimacy. The plan boasts over 150,000 SF of retail, restaurant, and commercial space within a 600,000 SF development.

A varied composition of living choices is integrated into the plan, including condominiums, apartments, and townhomes. The wide array of living options were meant to accommodate a broad mix of residents from single young professionals and couples, to families and retirees for a diverse and engaging mix of residents. Open-air plazas and walkable streetscapes were intended to create a lively environment. Connections to the Sammamish River and the Sammamish River Trail along the north edge of the site celebrates the natural environment and allows for active lifestyle opportunities. Further, areas for wine processing and tasting enlivens and diversifies its mixed-use nature.



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