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Redmond TOD

Redmond, WA

803,000 SF



  • 2 block site

  • Two mixed-use 6-story buildings

  • Residential and commercial/retail space

  • Includes a central pedestrian pathway or “woonerf”

  • Adjacent to a future light rail station


A large two-building mixed-use multifamily project in Redmond faced equally sizeable challenges: defining the vital pedestrian component, designing around Redmond’s high water table, visually connecting two very distinct neighborhoods, connections to the region via the adjacent Light Rail station, and phased construction.

The two buildings are arranged around a central mews with the goal of enhancing walkability near the new Light Rail station, drawing on our history of collaboration to balance the need for vehicular access with the desire for dynamic pedestrian engagement and creation of a signature plaza. The challenge of integrating each side into its neighborhood was met by breaking buildings into smaller design areas while maintaining harmony between the adjacent “Old Town” (“historic” red brick, composite metal panels) and the commercial Anderson Park (darker brick, bolder more contemporary expression). Finally, we deployed a phased development approach to ease absorption into the market.

The result? A new Redmond hub with 613 apartments, up to 13 commercial spaces, residential amenities including fitness, lounges, and courtyards for each building, and a plaza for outdoor dining, informal events, and repose.



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