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Lynnwood, WA

357,263 SF


Grand Peaks

  • 420 parking stalls

  • Public plaza

  • Double height clubroom, terrace, roof deck, dog run, fitness center


Knox in Lynnwood required creativity, urgency and adaptability in order to improve the aesthetics and lower the costs of a previously entitled design.  The 326-unit development sits next to the Swamp Creek Park & Ride and brings an urban feel to a suburban area. To avoid restarting the entitlement process, the revised design kept all changes within the approved parameters of the original design and was completed in six months.

The new plan trimmed the number of buildings from four to two. This saved money by reducing the number of redundant elements such as elevators and roof decks. It also lengthened the façades formed by the long sides of the rectangular buildings. The balconies contained in the original design provided a way to break up the façades by arranging them in various shapes and patterns that snake across the six-story buildings. The new design also had to take into account a slope of 20 feet that was not addressed in the original plan



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