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Shoreline, WA

406,823 SF


Evergreen Point Group

  • 3,000 SF of commercial space

  • 360 units

  • 249 parking stalls

  • Lobby, fitness center, coworking space, pet wash, clubroom


At more than 400,000 square feet and eight stories encompassing 360 units, Leeway in Shoreline is one of the largest mixed-use developments in the area. To help humanize the scale, we employed several techniques that create visual interest while also responding to the location’s unique topography.

To address the site’s slope, we articulated the frame to allow the structure to step down gracefully and break up the building mass. Then we added fine-grained bar elements and differentiated color treatments to the façade that further break down the massing. A through-block passage completes the design and allows for access to future development to the north.

We also integrated over 3,000 SF of retail space in a way that helps differentiate one end of the building from the other. Moving from east to west, the base subtly transitions from commercial storefronts to a more residential expression creating a distinct character that enriches the overall experience.



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