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Redmond, WA

250,000 SF


Legacy Partners

  • Upper-level courtyard, movie screening room, hot tub on shared patio, dog run

  • At-grade and one level below-grade parking


Finalist 2015 NAIOP Night of the Stars:

Multifamily Project of the Year

Milehouse reinvents the city’s urban environment by bringing visual diversity and walkability to Redmond. This 6-story multifamily building includes 177 apartment units, 5 live/work units, and 2,100 square feet of retail space. Two nearly identical wings utilize non-traditional geometric angles that create unique shadow lines and help the property to stand out within the urban fabric.

The project’s courtyard-building layout smooths the visual transition between the six-story building and its shorter neighbors by pushing some of the mass away from the street. Pushing back also meant pushing up, leading to the two towers whose uncommon wings and angles provide a striking city skyline. Mid-block pathways increase access and walkability, and the units connect to the street by elevated stoops reminiscent of east coast brownstones. The design features a modern northwest aesthetic.



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