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Queen Anne Towne

Seattle, WA

141,000 SF


Emerald Bay Equity

  • 84,000 SF garage

  • 3,500 SF public plaza

  • Upper-level residential courts

  • USGBC LEED Silver rating


Queen Anne Town, a mixed-use project in Seattle’s Upper Queen Anne community, evaded approval under two other architects before Tiscareno found solutions for integrating its 107 apartment units, 84,000-square-foot garage, upper-level residential courts, and large public plaza. An innovative S-shape breaks up the space to create a convincing illusion of two different buildings, mitigating the visual impact of what is otherwise a massive, high-density structure. The design honors Queen Anne’s past with commissioned art and mosaics relating to the area’s history, and with the use of original bricks to faithfully recreate the footprint and façade of the site’s former building. The design also complements the area’s evolving urban personality by juxtaposing old and modern materials and playing with contemporary variations for windows, doors, and façades. The human scale and fresh, award-winning design have attracted quality retailers like Trader Joes and Pharmaca, and the inviting plaza has become a gathering place for the neighborhood farmer’s market.



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