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The Millwright

Seattle, WA

69,000 SF


Fremont Bridge Holdings LLC

  • Underground parking for 35 vehicles

  • Three ground-floor retail spaces, including a coffee shop in an outbuilding across a pedestrian  plaza

  • Rooftop view deck with greenhouse/lounge and two covered barbecue cabanas

  • Fitness room, gamers’ lounge, and lobby with clubroom and kitchenette


The exterior of this highly visible, mixed-use apartment building at the south portal of the Fremont Bridge (site of former Nickerson Street Saloon) had already been approved when Tiscareno inherited the project. So, the job was “filling the shell” to the new owner’s specifications: larger units and maximized views of the iconic Fremont Cut. In a building with no parallel walls, unit planning required resourceful design. The result is 60 units, two-thirds of which boast water views. Maximizing amenities within zoning restrictions was another challenge, met with clever workarounds like creating a rooftop view lounge inside a working greenhouse, and installing solar panels atop rooftop barbecue cabanas. Lively retail, including a coffee shop across a pedestrian alleyway, establish Ross Flats as a vibrant neighborhood anchor.



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