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The Spoke

Redmond, WA

281,300 SF


MainStreet Property Group

  • Two buildings connected by a bridge

  • 211 residential units

  • 5 floors

  • Below-grade parking garage


The Spoke—a Redmond mixed-use apartment project amid a transitional district of nondescript warehouses—is designed to prioritize connectivity, sustainability and community health.
We began our design by breaking the 211-unit project into two buildings, which instantly brought the massing to pedestrian scale, allowing for more innovation in design and providing us the opportunity to create a unique public space through the middle of the project to act as a gateway to Marymoor Park.
With dense plantings, we extended the adjacent green space of Marymoor Park onto the site, creating varied program areas to invite gathering and strolling among the ground-floor retail. To mimic natural landscapes we designed rising and falling rooflines to evoke mountains, then added dramatic portals—exterior frames at outward-facing corners—to catch the eye. When those frames blocked visual connections from buildings to their surroundings, we eroded the corners to restore that connection. Though each building is uniquely clad in a combination of materials, we brought them into relation with each other with the use of a reflective and visually striking blue-green prismatic metal that changes hue in changing light. Finally, thanks to our careful deployment of efficient systems and carbon offsets, The Spoke will exceed LEED Platinum.



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