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The Cove Apartments Honored with 2020 Grand Prix Award for Excellence

The USA Chapter of FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, recently awarded a Grand Prix Award to The Cove, a 60-unit, 50,000-square-foot mixed-used residential building located in the Pine/Pike corridor in Seattle. The project was designed by Tiscareno Associates for developer Vibrant Cities. Vibrant Cities is one of the most active urban multifamily developers in the PNW with over 1,700 units in construction and development. Their mission to build vibrant smart communities that people feel proud to call home.

Sitting on just 9,000 square feet, The Cove is highly efficient and sustainable without compromising design, aesthetics, or amenities.

The Cove’s LEED Platinum Certification allows residents to achieve energy savings up to 30%. Residents have access to a 3,000-square-foot green roof, complete with seating and lush vegetation. Awnings at the retail level also feature living plants, which along with the roof greenery allow natural filtration of storm water, prolonging the roof’s lifetime and flushing cleaner water into the city’s waterways.

Each unit includes high-quality, oversized turn-and-tilt windows, triple-paned to reduce noise and keep energy costs down. Each unit also features efficient toilets, low-flow showerheads, low-flow faucets, and high-efficiency dishwashers and clothes washers to reduce indoor water use by 45%.

True to its Northwest roots, The Cove incorporates water-inspired visual features, like its undulating metal siding and its street-level viewing into a large fish tank. The generous use of sustainable materials—renewable bamboo siding and solar panels, the greenery on rooftop and awnings—reinforces The Cove’s nature-based aesthetic.

To achieve maximum net rentable square footage the designers got creative, designing interlocking efficiently sized units that nestle together like a jigsaw puzzle. On the ground floor, the combination of micro-retail and a larger retail space along with the residential lobby and mezzanine makes for one large efficient space. The project rented up quickly and was sold for $924/square feet, a Seattle record.

The project has already received multiple awards including:

  • Grand Award at Multifamily Executive Awards 2019: Green Design

  • Grand Award at PCBC Gold Nugget Awards 2018: Best Innovative Energy Design

  • Award of Merit at PCBC Gold Nugget Awards 2018: Best Multifamily Design

  • AIA Honor Awards Certificate of Recognition for Meeting the 2030 Challenge 2017

  • Finalist for NAIOP Night of the Stars Award 2018: Multi-Family Residential Development of the Year: Fewer than 100 Units

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