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Two Tiscareno Projects Emerge as NAIOP Night of the Stars Award Contenders

Resort inspired living: Infinity Shore Club Residences

Developed by Vibrant Cities, Infinity Shore Club, located on Alki Beach, brings a new luxury standard for a newly world-class city. A new kind of luxury product in Alki, our building program—including unit size, amenity spaces, parking, technology, and more—had to be carefully composed from scratch. Infinity has 37 resort-style homes with resourceful layouts of varying floorplans ensuring water views for each unit, with fold-back glass NanaWalls seamlessly extending living spaces onto extra-large decks.

On 200 feet of waterfront, Tiscareno designed a concrete building for maximum quality and durability. To follow the shore’s curvature and orient views toward the water, we splayed the building into two wings, six stories each, united by a glassy two-story residents’ lounge overlooking a central sundeck courtyard. The namesake infinity pool cascades into a street-level water wall for pedestrian enjoyment. Behind, a terrace facing the close hillside offers a cool respite from the seaside action, where outdoor stairs provide egress without using up indoor square footage, catwalks connect the two towers, and cedar siding coheres with the trees on the hill.

Infinity Shore Club Residences is a finalist in the category, Multi-Family Residential Development of the Year: Fewer than 100 Units.

Gateway to Capitol Hill: Pivot

At the nexus of downtown and Capitol Hill in Seattle’s vibrant Pike-Pine corridor, Pivot Apartments packs 71 residential units, 4,500 square feet of retail, and a 30-key hotel on a postage stamp-sized lot of just 10,000 square feet. Developed by Vibrant Cities, Pivot fulfills the vision of creating smart, high-tech buildings that prioritize the human element and foster community while promoting sustainable urban development. 

Tiscareno’s design centers on multi-use functionality in a small space, efficiently accommodating residential, retail, and hotel spaces. To address the irregular lot, we opted for a distinctive diamond shape that helped maximize space and respond harmoniously to the site and its surroundings.

A key requirement of the project was to respect the Pike-Pine neighborhood's “auto row” history, characterized by low-rise brick buildings originally housing car dealerships. The design respects the past while looking towards the future. 

Pivot is a finalist in the category, Multi-Family Residential Urban Development of the Year: More than 100 Units.

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