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A Bold Solution for a Challenging Property at ‘The Triangle’

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Multi-family Architecture
The Triangle

As the need for housing continues to grow while the availability of buildable land shrinks, developers will increasingly be tasked with maneuvering around challenging sites.

In the city of Redmond, Washington, a stunning new multi-family development called The Triangle has done just that, becoming a striking mixed-use anchor for a transforming city — and contributing to the transformation itself.    

In design and construction, real estate developer Legacy Partners and Seattle based-architecture firm Tiscareno Associates had to think outside the box, creating 195 luxury living spaces, two major retail spaces and ample parking on a wedge-shaped property flanked by three major streets.

Despite a footprint where nothing is square, the near-200-unit building looks like the most natural use for the site. On an awkwardly shaped property that’s barely an acre, we fit 172,000 square feet of living space and 5,100 square feet of shopping space.

The shape wasn’t the only challenge we overcame with creative grit.

When the downtown Redmond road couplet conversion project eliminated 6,000 square feet from the property, our team focused on how improved walkability along the street would bring more pedestrians to the area and designed welcoming outdoor features to accommodate them.

Multi-family Architecture

When a high water table limited the ability to include underground parking, the team developed a unique central parking section surrounded by activated storefronts and live-work units, keeping the exterior inviting.

Rather than focus on the difficulties, we focused on the triangular property’s special potential, seeing it as an opportunity to create something truly unique. 

We strategically programmed activated spaces such as the residential lobby entrance, retail, a fitness center and the leasing offices off Redmond Way and provided wide sidewalks, awnings for shade and shelter from the weather, and greenery to enhance the urban frontage and appeal.

Outdoor bench seating and large glass windows entice those on their way to or from nearby neighborhoods to stop in. Businesses in The Triangle – including a Belgian bakery expected to open soon – will also draw more visitors into the nearby downtown, creating a new gateway to the city center. 

Multi-family Architecture

The new building makes a bold, modern contrast to its surroundings, with three distinct facades on Redmond Way, 166th and 79th streets, providing unique visual appeal from any angle. It’s quickly becoming popular with the city’s young demographic in part due to the building’s ambience of a high-end boutique hotel and access to many restaurants. 

The project has many sustainable features including LEED Gold certification with green roofs, high-efficiency fixtures and electric car charging stations, as well as its nearby connections to public transit. In 2024, a future light rail station will be opening just one block away.

The Triangle was recently recognized by the industry, receiving NAIOP’s “Multifamily Residential Suburban Development of the Year” award. The property’s adversity is now celebrated in the edgy name, as well as in a statue on the grounds representing the yoga pose called the same. 

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