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Redmond Square Receives Design Approval

600-unit Redmond Square—a new transit oriented community near the future Redmond Light Rail—is coming to Redmond

A new, 600-unit, mixed-use apartment project, Redmond Square, developed by Legacy Partners will be starting construction soon in Redmond. The pedestrian elements and location across from Redmond’s forthcoming Light Rail Station will transform the walkability of downtown Redmond and provide transit-focused living near the Redmond Light Rail. The project replaces a 70s era strip mall.

Redmond Square features two fairly rectangular buildings with a woonerf, or pedestrian-oriented street, traversing the irregular shaped site. This approach maximized efficiency for building, enabled density, and supported high pedestrian engagement among the 13 retail sites. A signature plaza off the woonerf, partially-covered, also supports the City of Redmond’s walkability goals.

Creating this dynamic pedestrian environment required accommodating Redmond’s high water table, phasing construction, and visually connecting two very distinct neighborhoods. The buildings reflect this visual integration with historic red brick along the “Old Town” side and a sleeker, more contemporary expression near the commercial Anderson Park side.

Besides living units and retail spaces, Redmond Square includes a fitness center, courtyards and lounges for each building, and plenty of public/private space.

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